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Reo Māori resources


He Reo Tupu He Reo Ora
This is an online multimedia resource for teaching and learning te reo Māori. The primary audience is students in years 1–6 learning at levels 1–2 of Te Aho Arataki Marau, the curriculum guidelines for te reo Māori. It contains eight units of work with complementary reomations (animations in te reo Māori) and videos on how the resource can be used and marae protocol.

Hei Waiata, Hei Whakakoakoa 
This resource has been developed to support the teaching and learning of te reo Māori in English-medium schools. Accompanying the waiata is a songbook with lyrics, song sheets, curriculum achievement objectives, and suggestions for activities. This is the online version of the resource.

Ka Mau te Wehi
This is the online version of the multimedia resource, aimed at year 7 and 8 teachers and students of te reo Māori. It links to levels 1 and 2 of the te reo Māori curriculum guidelines. The website includes unit and lesson plans, videos, student worksheets, waiata, print resources, professional development resources, and explanations of tikanga or protocol.

Te Huinga Raukura flipbooks
Check out these fantastic online versions of the Te Huinga Raukura boxed sets of multimedia resources available on the Mātauranga Māori website. There are flipbooks with audio as well as teacher support material and student activities available to download as PDFs.

Te Taura Whiri macroniser

Free keyboard macroniser
Download this free keyboard macroniser, from the Māori Language Commission website, in order to add macrons to vowels when writing te reo Māori.

First Class! Effective Languages Learning Levels 1 and 2.
First Class! Shows methodologies known to be effective for second and additional language learning for diverse students. The DVD features years 5-9 students learning languages (including te reo Māori) and includes examples where the teacher is learning the language along with the students. This resource can be ordered from the Down the Back of the Chair website.

Kia Mau logo.

Kia Mau: Waiata and Haka associated with the 28 Māori Battalion
This online version of the multimedia resource Kia Mau about waiata and haka associated with the 28th Māori Battalion is now available in English. This resource contains teachers’ notes and relevant videos that focus on levels 6–8 of social sciences with additional information on the achievement objectives from history.

Living Heritage
Encourage your students to help create a website about a taonga in their community. Living Heritage aims to capture and preserve New Zealand's heritage. Schools are encouraged to identify a unique piece of heritage in their community, such as a building, person, or event, to research and record.

Māori Dictionaries
Check out some of the online Māori dictionaries available.
Māori Dictionary
Ngata Dictionary
A Dictionary of the Māori Language
Papakupu Pūtaiao 
Te Reo Pāngarau

Ako Panuku
Browse a selection of current classroom resources available or register to contribute and share your resources with other teachers. This website provides Māori teachers in wharekura and English-medium secondary schools with access to useful educational information, resources, and professional development opportunities.

Exploring Te Ao Kori and Te Ao Kori.
These are teacher-centred resources, one in te reo Māori and the other in English. Te ao kori (the world of movement) is a Māori celebration of life through movement and its many expressions.

Mā te Pouako: Teachers’ notes
Explore the redesigned website containing online Māori teachers' support material for the three collections of te reo Māori journals, He Kohikohinga, Te Tautoko, and Te Wharekura.

Māori Myths, Legends and Contemporary Stories
A collection of stories in English and te reo Māori based on Māori oral traditions, some are well known, and others are less familiar. The collection includes supporting teacher material and links to relevant websites.

NZ On Screen
 Discover the best of New Zealand television and film online for free. Click here to view search results for te reo and kaupapa Māori relevant titles. You may need to update your version of Adobe Flash Player in order to view the videos.

Papakupu Pūtaiao
 This is an online version of the Te Reo Pūtaiao dictionary of scientific terms. This site includes a glossary with explanations of terms in te reo Māori and English. Graphics and audio complement the text and help illustrate meanings and pronunciation.

Te Whanake Podcasts
Learn te reo Māori by listening to podcasts that contain all the exercises and activities of the four textbooks of Te Whanake. This digital content is available for playback on Microsoft Windows and Apple computers, television, as well as portable media devices.

The Hundreds Board: Te Papa ā-Rau

The Hundreds Board: Te Papa ā-Rau
This interactive resource, in English and te reo Māori contains activities that align with the achievement objectives of levels 1 and 2 of Te Marautanga o Aotearoa: Pāngarau as well as Mathematics in the New Zealand Curriculum. The hundreds board can be used on a range of digital devices.

Kokona Māori
Access Māori material on wickED through Kokona Māori, which includes Māori interactives, a section about tāngata rongonui or famous people, and kokona rauemi which links to key online Māori resources.

This is the online version of the TV series of Māori language classes, in te reo Māori, for intermediate level learners. These classes are exclusive, they do not follow on from the previous class. To begin with, the viewers get a topic to watch and listen to. A language skill is then chosen (listening, reading, talking, writing), as a class activity. The website also contains worksheets for each series.

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