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Secondary books and teacher notes

These books were originally written for Māori-medium settings. The teacher notes have been designed to support the use of the books in English-medium schools. They provide ideas about how these books might be used in a classroom context, but there will also be other ways you can use them in your reo Māori programme. The teacher notes are designed for levels 5 and 6 of Te Aho Arataki Marau mō te Ako i Te Reo Māori – Kura Auraki.  Order copies from Down the back of the chair.

Nāu te Rourou, Nāku te Rourou image.

Nāu te Rourou, Nāku te Rourou 
Item number 113313. This is a book of recipes in te reo Māori for preparing healthy Māori food. It includes instructional language, proverbs about food and wonderful colour photographs and illustrations. Students can use this book to prepare a shared meal for their classmates or family.

Ara Mai he Taniwha image.

Ara Mai he Taniwha! 
Item number 113353. This book retells the legend of the taniwha Tarakura who lived in the Rangitāiki area of the Bay of Plenty. The people of this area travelled between Kawerau and Te Rae o Kōhī to gather food. When Tarakura, who ate people, occupied a cave on the pathway, the warrior Iratūmoana developed a strategy to get rid of Tarakura.

Tai ki Tai image.

Tai ki Tai
Item number 78394. This graphic novel is about the Coast to Coast race in the South Island. It shows how four friends prepare for and endure the challenges of the race. The story includes the friends seeking sponsors, obtaining equipment, and arranging transport, accommodation and a support crew.

Taku Hei Pounamu
Item number 108782. This graphic novel is about four girls who attend Waikohu boarding school. The story follows their adventures and the way they bond to overcome a near-fatal disaster. Secrets are revealed that bring the girls closer together.

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