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Tōku Kōhanga Board Books Set 2008

This set of 5 board books support the teaching and learning of te reo Māori as a second language in years 1–6. Each set comes with teachers’ notes. This resource pack was distributed to all primary and intermediate schools. 

Kei Hea a Aroha book image.

Kei Hea a Aroha? (Where is Aroha?)
This board book is about Hinemoa, a young girl who has lost her cat named Aroha. Children can read about Hinemoa as she moves around her house and tries to find her. This book reinforces language about locations.

Taku Kete Kōhanga book image.

Taku Kete Kōhanga (My Kete for Kōhanga)
This board book is about the different items that a young boy will need for the day at kōhanga. With his mum he goes through the daily ritual of packing his kete. This book focuses on and reinforces vocabulary about everyday objects.

Te Tiaki i ngā Kararehe book image.

Te Tiaki i ngā Kararehe (Taking Care of the Animals)
This board book is about the different things animals do and the reasons why. This book will help tamariki to learn how to say why things are done.

Te Takoha ki ngā Kaumātua book image.

Te Takoha ki ngā Kaumātua (A Gift For our Elders)
The kōhanga reo invite kaumātua to celebrate Matariki with them. A kaumātua explains what Matariki is all about. At the end of the day they give each kaumātua a gift of food. This book highlights the importance of our kaumātua (elders) and the knowledge they have to share.

He Korowai Huritau book image.

He Korowai Huritau (Birthday Cloaks)
This board book is about different ways to celebrate children’s birthdays. It provides language examples for talking about special events, such as birthdays.

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