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Ngā Kete Kōrero Books and Teacher Notes for English-Medium

Item number 700111. This set contains three books Te Rā o Māmā, Tokohia ngā Tamariki, and Tōku Marae from the Ngā Kete Kōrero series. Each book comes with with teachers’ notes to support the teaching and learning of te reo Māori as a second language in years 1–6. This resource pack has been distributed to all primary and intermediate schools. Click here to order copies.

Tōku Marae image.

Tōku Marae: Book and teacher notes
This book identifies the various important things that happen on the marae. Ngā Kete Kōrero is a core programme of sequential early readers and support materials designed for children, from emergent to fluency stages, who are learning to read Māori. The four levels are Harakeke, Kiekie, Pīngao, and Miro, with sublevels indicated by the five vowels.

Te Rā o Māmā image.

Te Rā o Māmā: Book and teacher notes
The family make Māmā close her eyes as they lead her to her surprise, but readers can see what is going on in the illustrations and anticipate her pleasure when she discovers what the treat is.

Tokohia ngā Tamariki image.

Tokohia ngā Tamariki: Book and teacher notes
This simple counting book repeats the question "Tokohia ngā tamariki?" on each text page. Young readers can count how many children appear in the illustrations of people enjoying the fair, as well as reading the answer in the text.

Tokohia teacher notes (PDF, 917 kB)

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