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Kia ora - Hi

Achievement objective

1.1 Greet, farewell, and thank people and respond to greetings and acknowledgements.

Learning intention

Students can:

  • use and respond to formal and informal greetings.


At the end of this lesson, students can:

WhakarongoWhakarongo - Listening: Recognise and understand simple, familiar spoken words, phrases, and sentences.

KōreroKōrero - Speaking: Imitate the pronunciation, intonation, stress, and rhythm of te reo Māori words, phrases, and sentences.

Lesson Sequence

In this roll call exercise, greet each student in Māori using ‘Kia ora’, for example, ‘Kia ora Sarah’.

The students should respond by saying ‘Kia ora (Ms/Mrs/Mr) _________.’

After a few days introduce ‘Tēnā koe’ as an alternative greeting when calling the roll. Note that this is more formal than ‘Kia ora’.

Use the greetings around the playground and to greet visitors to the room, for example, ‘Tēnā koe Ms Smith’.

Language to use

Kia ora Hello
Tēnā koe More formal form of hello, to one person
Tēnā kōrua Greeting to two people
Tēnā koutou Greeting to three or more people
Tēnā koe e hoa Hello friend
Tēnā koe Sarah Hello Sarah
Tēnā koutou tamariki Hello children (three or more)

Further learning

Use Kia ora for thank you, or to praise, for example ‘Kia ora Sian’, Well done Sian!

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