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I ngā rā o mua - In the old days

Achievement objective

5.1 Communicate about past activities and events.

Learning intention

Students can:

  • recount an interview.


At the end of this lesson, students can:

WhakarongoWhakarongo - Listening: Distinguish between past and present actions and states.

KōreroKōrero - Speaking: Use appropriate pronunciation, stress, rhythm, and intonation.

TuhituhiTuhituhi - Writing: Write a range of text types, a range of purposes and audiences.


Lesson sequence

In this lesson, explain that the students will survey a parent, aunty, uncle, grandparent or teacher about matters of interest when they were younger.

Copy, distribute and discuss Resource sheet 5B: I ngā rā o mua, with the class. Tell the students to use the questions on this sheet to conduct their interviews in Māori or English.

The students should write the responses to their questions on the resource sheet and return them to their teacher. Ask students questions, such as:

Harry, i kōrero koe ki a wai? Who did you talk to, Harry?
Ki taku kuia. To my Nanny.
Ko wai tana ingoa? What is her name?
Ko Nanny Rau. Nanny Rau.
I a ia e kura ana, i kōrero Māori ia? When she was at school, did she speak Māori?
I a ia e taiohi ana, he aha ngā tino kākahu? When she was a teenager, what clothes were in fashion?

In pairs, have the students ask one another about the results of their surveys.

Language to use

I kōrero koe ki a wai? Who did you talk to?
I a koe e _______ ana … When you were ________ …
I a ia e _______ ana … When she was ________ …
Ngā kupu ingoa Nouns
hongere TV channels
tino kākahu clothes in fashion
whakaaturanga TV shows

Further learning

In their discussions, students could compare past fashions and entertainment with present ones:

'I ngā rā o mua, he weriweri ngā kākahu. Ināianei, he ātaahua ngā kākahu'.

‘In the past, fashions were ugly. Now clothes are nice'.

‘I ngā rā o mua, e rua anake ngā hongere. Ināianei, he maha ngā hongere’.

'In the past there were only two Television channels. Now there are many'.

The students could research online articles that detail ‘ngā rā o mua’, or days past; for example, Te Ao Hou magazine online. A class trip to a local museum could also be arranged.

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