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Mahia atu! - Just do it!

Achievement objective

7.1 Communicate about future plans.

Learning intention

Students can:

  • formulate a plan, based on information received.


At the end of this lesson, students can:

PānuiPānui - Reading: Understand much of what is written… about a range of topics across a range of written text types.

TuhituhiTuhituhi - Writing:

  • Use resources to experiment with new language and review writing for accuracy.
  • Write about a range of topics, using words and expressions that are appropriate for their purpose and intended audience.


Kupu taka - Huarere (Word, 13 kB)

Lesson sequence

Hand out Resource sheet 7H: Matapae huarere to one student and Resource sheet 7I: Matapae huarere to another. Tell the students that they will be working in pairs.

Ask each student to write down their plans for the weekend, based on the weather report. One student in each pair is to write an email to their hoa describing their plans. Use Resource sheet 7J: Ngā tohu huarere and Kupu taka: Huarere for vocabulary support.

Their hoa replies, disagreeing with one of the plans. They should state why they disagree, logically and succinctly. The weather forecast should be used as a basis for their argument, for example, the student might say: “Ka haere ahau ki te moana a te Rāmere, e paki kē ana te rangi".

Suggested language focus Suggested vocabulary Notes
Prefix ‘whaka’
with definite article

The use of this prefix and the definite article gives the idea of ‘towards’, for example:

  • towards the north
  • towards the mountains
Directional particle ‘mai’ with locative particle ‘i’
mai i
mai i te tonga  
E kore … e … e kore te ua e heke ā te ahiahi  
Kāhore i te … kāhore i te pai kia puta ā te ata  
nō te mea nō te mea he hau tonga e pupuhi ana  
i te mea    
tā te mea    
nō reira nō reira me hari i ō koutou tāpōrena  


Turn the discussion into a phone conversation or use other styles of communication.
Simulate a hui at the marae where the whānau discusses going swimming or staying at the marae.

Further learning

Invite local iwi radio representatives to class to explain weather forecasting processes.

Other resources

Level 2 Whakataetae Tākaro
Paerewa 7266
Paerewa 7258
Photographs, satellite imagery and radar readings:

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