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Te Aho Arataki Marau mō te Ako i Te Reo Māori - Kura Auraki

Curriculum Guidelines for Teaching and Learning Te Reo Māori in English-medium Schools: Years 1-13

Curriculum guidelines (PDF, 4 MB)

Ngā reo ā-iwi
Regional dialects

There are minor variations in the reo used by different rohe. The greatest variations are in pronunciation and vocabulary; variations in grammar are relatively minor. These variations are partly due to the different village or island origins of the original settlers, but some of them may have arisen because of the relative isolation of local populations after they settled in Aotearoa. These language variations are not usually significant enough to interfere with communication. This means that teachers can feel confident that the dialect with which they are familiar will provide their students with a solid foundation for learning te reo Māori.

However, there are good reasons for teachers to learn about the dialect that is most used in the local community. By highlighting some of the language variations in class, teachers can increase their students’ language awareness. They can also support those students who are learning a dialect at school that differs from the one they use in their home. As they learn about local variations, teachers increase their own knowledge and expertise and so can engage in more meaningful ways with their Māori students’, whānau and communities.

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