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Introduction to the units

Ka Mau te Wehi! is based on levels 1 and 2 of the draft Te Reo Māori in the New Zealand Curriculum 2007. The resource contains 20 units of work. Each unit has a distinct theme and provides fun opportunities to learn and practise new language.

The units in this section follow the unit content in the print material of Ka Mau te Wehi! Each unit lists relevant curriculum achievement objectives, learning intentions, and success criteria.

Video clips are a key part of the resource, and activities based on the video clips are part of each unit. The clips and activities support and guide you in working with your learners.

Each video scenario, presented in te reo Māori, has a transcript that has an English translation. You can access the transcripts and downloadable PDFs of these on the video pages.

The te reo Māori transcripts of the videos use the colloquial language of everyday conversation, and the English translations capture the sense of the conversations. (Thus, they are colloquial, not literal, translations.)

Each activity has hyperlinks to the video clips, worksheets, waiata lyrics and translations, and transcripts of video.

Some worksheets have been produced as Word documents so you can adapt them for your class.

Your students will need an exercise book for notes and activities. This is referred to as their “Wehi book”.

The 20 units in Ka Mau te Wehi! are:

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