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Integrating ICT into language learning

Information and communication technology (ICT) can be used in a variety of ways to facilitate language learning by both students and teachers.

Following are ideas of ways in which you and your students can incorporate ICT into the learning process. The type and amount of usage will depend on the type and length of course being taught.

Basic equipment for using Learning Language Series kits

  • CD player
  • DVD player
  • overhead transparencies and projector.
  • computer.

Supplementary equipment

Students learn much about their own learning process through seeing and hearing themselves using the target language. Equipment that can be used to facilitate this includes:

  • listening posts – for individual practice of pronunciation
  • karaoke machines – for singing in the target language
  • digital cameras and video/handycams – for recording classroom and other activities, including roleplays and drama in the target language.

Using computers

Students' language learning can be consolidated by using:

  • language learning computer programmes
  • online language courses and games
  • researching cultural topics through websites in the target language.

Such activities are ideal for extension and/or language centres.

Interacting with others is an effective way to consolidate learning and give it realistic context. ICT methods of interaction include:

  • creating personal/group/class websites in the target language
  • writing to an email penpal in the target language – could be someone else studying the same language, or a native speaker of the target language (such as a student in a "sister school" overseas)
  • designing and presenting a PowerPoint presentation – such as on a cultural research topic.

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